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Mississippi Based RESTORE Act Center of Excellence

Satellite-based virtual buoy observation network as water quality support tool for oyster sustainability in Mississippi Sound

PI: Vitor Martins, Mississippi State University (MSU)
Co-PIs: Eric Sparks (Coastal Research & Extension Center) Joel Paz and Uilson Aires (MSU) 

Environmental stressors are changing oyster habitats in many ways, and a continuous monitoring system is critical to identify existing and emerging water quality issues for oyster sustainability. This project will establish a new virtual buoy observation network with satellite observations to advance the scientific understanding of water quality changes and trends in oyster reef areas, including the sediment-rich freshwater dynamic (i.e., timing, duration, frequency) and algae blooms in Mississippi Sound.

- Develop a satellite image processing framework to derive water quality products in MS Sound
- Implement the satellite-based virtual buoy observation network and the interactive data portal
- Evaluate the impact of sediment-rich freshwater inflow from Bonnet Carré Spillway openings in Mississippi oyster reefs

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